If your thinking of building your next dream home, here are yet a couple more things you need to think about.

– Where do I need telephone, cable and networking outlets?
– Does my tv need more than just a cable?
– If you plan on ever wall mounting your tv’s make sure you have proper backing to support the weight of the tv, a conduit to run all the cables and wiring up to the tv and of course where are the electronics going to reside?
– Where are you going to install your ISP’s (internet service provider) router? In the basement? well that aint a bad idea bu how are you going to get wireless reception in your bedroom?
– Will you be installing a security system? Now’s the time to install all that wiring.
-Do you plan on using a satellite tv provider? If so, don’t forget to run the coax cable to the dish location.
Are you thinking of installing some sort of home theater? where are you going to install the speakers? Are going with a 5.1, 7.1 or a 9.1 system?

These are just a fraction of the questions you should be asking yourself when your building or remodeling a home. Take advantage of our in-home consultation, by answering some simple questions, we can make up a plan that will work for you. And please do not go with the basic package your builder is providing you with, there is no one size fits all approach that will work. Every family’s needs are different and they should be tailored to you.

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