Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get asked all the time. If your question is not listed, then please send us an Email with your question and we will answer it as fast as we can.  We will also add it to the FAQ.

Projector Screen aspect ratios2014-09-26T19:46:37-05:00

1:1 format: If you use traditional Slideshow/OHP (Overhead Projector), Document Camera, and commercial projector presentations. These are most commonly used in schools, government facilities, and houses of worship.

4:3 NTSC format: PC software, Commercial Presentations (if your projector is SVGA or XGA native resolution), Classroom Training, and Gaming.

16:9 HDTV format: Home Theater Movies and Gaming

16:10 format: PC software, video games, video editing, presentations from notebooks with WXGA or WUGA native output.

2.35:1 Cinemascope format: Strictly Home Theater movies.

What is cat5e and cat6 wire?2016-10-17T18:32:48-05:00

Category wire is broken down into different classes, Cat5E wire is used primarily for structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet.  It provides performance up to 100 MHz. It is suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T (fast Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T (gigabit Ethernet).  Cat5 is also used to carry many, many different types of signals but the 2 other popular signals are telephony and video signals.

Cat6 is a heavier gauge (thicker) and it provides performances up to 250 MHz. It can do everything the Cat5E can do plus 1000BASE-TX and 10GBASE-T (10 gigabit Ethernet).


Cat5E is extremely common now a days but Cat6 wire is taking over due to the demand for more bandwidth and speed.


Which one is right for you? all depends on what equipment or competers you will be installing.  Give us a call, and we can tell you.


I heard that when your smart home brain fails, your entire home stops working, is this true?2014-08-19T20:46:36-05:00


If  a system is properly designed and insalled, failures can be completely avoided and when a component does fail, it typically does not “crash” your entire home. You will still be able to turn the lights on and off, your security system will still function, your cameras will still record and you will still be able control the climate. That is unless one of those specific systems failed, then the rest are not affected.

When we design a system, we think about the worst case scenarios and we built fail safes into it. bu using a UPS, we assure that even during a power failure, critical systems still work.

Can the Security camera be used to trigger an alarm?2014-08-19T20:35:37-05:00

Yes. Some DVR’s are designed with this feature.

What happens if I loose power?2016-10-17T18:32:48-05:00

Most Electronic devices, including home automation controllers, security systems and DVR’s will just start right back up and will work normally. To insure there is no disruption, consider installing a UPS (Uninterruptable  Power Supply). This will allow devices that are plugged into it to keep on working even if the power goes out.

Can I zoom or move security cameras?2014-08-19T20:29:38-05:00

Yes you can with PTZ cameras. (Pan Tilt Zoom)

Can I listen live and recorded audio remotely?2014-08-19T20:27:38-05:00

Yes, most of the DVR’s we offer have this capability built in.

How many camera’s do I need?2014-08-19T20:04:30-05:00

That depends on how much you want to see.


Typically we install cameras in hallways, entry and exit doors, stock rooms, equipment rooms, tool cages, isles, and in wide open areas, 1 camera per 250-1000 sq. feet. Don’t forget to have cameras outdoors too.  Storage yards, driveways, laneways, access roads, parking lots are all key ares to protect as well.


We offer free, no obligation quotes, give us a call today. 613-912-VAST (8278)

Do I need a static IP to view camera’s remotely?2014-08-19T19:59:05-05:00


We use various different DNS services that allow remote connections without the need for costly static IP’s

can I remotely view the cameras and view stored video?2014-08-19T19:57:38-05:00



Even entry level DVR’s offer this.

How many hours of video can the DVR store?2014-08-19T19:54:36-05:00

That depends on a couple factors, quantity of cameras, recording quality and how many frames per second, amount of available hard disk space, whether the cameras are continuously recording or only on motion activation.  When we design a system, we take those factors into consideration and spec out a system that’s right for you.



what is a DVR?2014-08-19T19:51:32-05:00

DVR stands for Digital  Video Recorder. DVR’s takes video from digital or analog cameras and records it in digital format on a hard drive.  Hard drive capacity varies and can be expanded.



I am thinking of building my new home, when should I call you?2016-10-17T18:32:48-05:00

Call 613-912-VAST (8278) right now!!!


The sooner the better. We work with you during the entire process, from design to the day you move in and beyond.  We can save you lot’s of money on costly errors and omissions. A well designed smart home starts at the design phase, ideally, before any construction begins. By doing so, we can bring our years of experience to the table. We are not only technicians, we are designers, artists, engineers, programmers, installers and above all we are here to make sure you get the smart home of your dreams.


Don’t wait too long as you may be limited to what you can do and changes can be costly.


Call us today to meet with our design team.



Will Home Automation Increase the value of my home?2014-08-19T19:38:24-05:00


Today’s younger generations are connected. Were always surfing the web, texting, watching and listening to streaming media and music.  Our appetite for technology is insatiable; we just can’t get enough.  We all like the amenities, comfort and convenience.  Smart homes offer all those things.

So when your ready to sell your home, you can rest assured that the investment you put in your home will not only benefit you while your still living in it, but will pay for itself when you do sell.  That’s quite the bang for your buck!


How much does Home Automation Cost?2014-08-18T21:58:42-05:00

Although it sounds expensive, and I will admit, sometimes it can be, most automation systems are surprisingly inexpensive.  the sky’s the limit when it comes to automation, you can spend as little as 1000$ (or less) and well there’s no maximum amount.  It all depends on what you want to automate and how big your project is.


Give us a call at 613-912-8278 and we can better answer this question.



What is home automation?2014-08-18T21:23:51-05:00

Home Automation refers to the technology integrates all your sub systems and makes them work together.  It makes living in your home more convenient, more efficient and enhances your lifestyle.

Hardwired or Wireless?2014-08-18T20:20:52-05:00

Vast Automation  offers both or a combination of both. Today’s wireless technologies are better than ever. They are all supervised devices which means that if they stop functioning, are tampered with, have a low or dead battery or have been disabled, the control panel will let you know.

Hardwired devices are typically less expensive, and they do not require battery changes. Wireless devices offer more flexibility in placement and quantity but they do require the occasional battery change.

In most cases we install hybrid systems, meaning we utilize both wired and wireless sensors and detectors.  Every application is different.


Please call us at 613-912-8278 to get your free, no obligation quote.


What other items can be added into my security system?2014-08-18T20:00:12-05:00

there are numerous types of sensors and detectors available but here are the most popular:


Glass break sensors

Glass shock sensors

Smoke Detectors

CO2 Detectors

Sump Pump water level detectors

Flood sensors

Hi and Low temperature sensors

Panic Buttons

Wireless Key fobs

Give us a call to discuss your  needs so we can put a plan together to properly protect your home or business.

What should be included in my security system?2014-08-18T19:54:55-05:00

Not one home or business is the same. Some companies will sell you alarm kits, unfortunately it is not a one size fits all.  To properly protect your property, you need a professional alarm technician to give you a proper security analysis.  Call us today for a free, no obligation quote, What have you got to loose?  Seriously!

What’s included in a standard security system?2016-10-17T18:32:48-05:00
  • The Control panel:  This is the brains of the entire system.  it links all the different components, detectors, sensors, contacts, keypads, modules and it is responsible for communicating with the central station.
  • Keypads: Keypads are what you use to interact with the control panel.  It allows you to arm/disarm, bypass, set functions, view events stored in its memory and displays critical alarm status information.
  • Motion Detectors: Are used to protect open spaces within a home or business, they can also be used outdoors in certain conditions. Have pets? no worries, today’s motion detectors can tell the difference between a human and our 4 legged friends.
  • Door and Window Contacts: these magnetic and/or button style contacts tell the control panel whether the door or window is open or closed.
  • Siren and Strobes: This alerts the occupants, the burglars and everybody around that someone has tripped the alarm.  It gives the occupant time to react to potential threats, lets the intruder know that he has been caught and that police are on the way and it tells you neighbors that something is wrong.
  • Battery: Every alarm control panel has a backup battery, in most cases, the battery lasts for at least 4 hours. Typical backup batteries last for 24 hours.  Longer is certain equipment is installed.  Ask us about battery backups.
  • Key Fobs: Practical, portable little devices always at arms reach.  keep these on your night tables for when you forget to set the alarm, and god forbid you forgot to set the alarm and someone does break in,  you can quickly press the panic button without having to run down to the main keypad.  Another popular use is for elderly medical emergencies, if they need help, all they have to do is press a button.
Why should I have a security alarm system?2014-08-18T20:21:57-05:00

By having a security system installed in your home or business may decrease the chances of a burglary or a home invasion. Just the fact that you have a security system is a deterrent in itself, most thieves would rather not take the chance.

Also, most insurance companies offer discounts when the premises is protected by an alarm system.

How hard is it to install a Home Automation System?2014-08-19T19:24:49-05:00

It all depends.  there are a bunch of factors that have to be taken into consideration. how big and how old is your home?  how much of it do you want to automate?  do you want centralized lighting?  would you like whole home music distribution?  As a general rule, Home automation is not for the do it yourself er. Integrator s  are highly trained professionals and most control systems require active dealers that maintain currency on all their products.  Would you ask your dentist to change the oil in your car? Nope.


That’s not to say that there are things home owners can do, your first step is to call us. We can answer any questions you may have and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.


call us at 613-912-VAST (8278).

How do I change my alarm call list?2016-10-17T18:32:52-05:00

Changing your alarm call list is easy, all you have to do is send us a quick email with all the required information.  Please click here for more details.